Beckman Flow Cytometry Antibodies, Assays & Reagents

Liquid Multi-Color Antibody Cocktails

Beckman Coulter’s wide range of pre-formulated 2 to 4- color antibody combinations ensures reliable flow cytometry results and workflow efficiency for your clinical or research laboratories. The multi-color cocktails combine a state-of-the-art selection of antibody clones with proven dye combinations such as FITC/PE/ECD or FITC/PE/PC5. The elimination of manual antibody cocktailing enables higher productivity and …

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DURAClone Antibody Panel Technology

Antibody panel development requires a high level of flow cytometry expertise and may consume critical laboratory resources. In addition, many of the key reagents used tend to degrade with handling and storage. When designing a robust panel, it is important that the assay read out is attributable to the sample and test condition, rather than …

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